Professional Experience

2017 - 2018       ISF Drama Teaching Intern (Hong Kong)2017 Freelance Online Magazine Writer

Stage performances including Bugsy Malone (2010), Rhapsody of Love (2010), Grease (2010), The Arsonists (2011), Under the Banyan Tree (2011), two group devising performances in Student Drama Festival: Theatre Shorts (2014), The Mother by Brecht Bertolt (2014), The Blind monologue in Ikon Gallery Little Miss Creative (2014), [Site-specific performance] Joyce... at Rest (2015), and a number of drama shorts at different venues both in Hong Kong and Birmingham


2017 - 2018 ISF Drama Teaching Intern (Hong Kong)
2018 Actress, Wan Chai Theatre 'Goodbye Our Banyan Tree' (JCCAC, Hong Kong)
2017 Singing Performances (Tai Wo Hau Community Centre)
2017 Guest Singer, CPSC 17th Anniversary Annual Dinner (Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong)
2018 Freelance Article Writer for GET READY HONG KONG
2017 Assistant Director of 'The Old Choi Hung Days' (Ngau Chi Wan Theatre, Hong Kong)
2017 Actor Training Tutor, Birmingham Oriental Society's Variety Show
2017 Winter Charity Photoshoot (Fundraising for British Heart Foundation) @ Birmingham ; Photographer: Mukhtar Ali
2017 Glamour and Beauty Charity Photoshoot (Fundraising for British Heart Foundation) @ Wolverhampton ; Photographer: Ash Fielding
2017 Miss Charity Heart Finalist 
2017 Modelling in a photography workshop @ Catfish Studio, Walsall
2017 Hair Model for Blaze Hair @ Leamington Spa
2017 Fashion Model for fashion designer Ksenia Popova @ Birmingham
2017 Published in Femme Rebelle Magazine MAY 2017 BOOK 2
2017 Published in Femme Rebelle Magazine JULY 2017 BOOK 2
2017 Polaroid Online Advertisement
2017 Photoshooting @ Instagram Pier

2011 Actress, Short Film Screening for Hong Kong University Graduation Project
2011 Film Review on Radio, ‘Hereafter’
2013 Actress, Commercial advert screening for professional company, Project for Vermillion Films
2013 Drama workshop tutor, University of Leicester, Hong Kong Society’s Variety Show
2013 Director, Hidden Stories of Stephen Lawrence
2014 Zombie Earth, Birmingham
2014 Teacher assistance, Dramatic English (Hung Hom, Hong Kong)
2015 Avant Garde Shoot, by Robin Jade and Toni Cheshire
2015 Student Film Project (Benny Fung). 
2015 Site Specific Performance, Birmingham Coffin Factory
2015 45 mins Self-written/Self-directed Drama Solo, <1+(1+1)>    (TGT Arts and Design Gallery, Hong Kong)
2015 EARTHENWEAR JEWELLERY's Commercial Photoshoot, Birmingham
2015 Jewellery and Fashion Photoshoot for commercial and blogging, Birmingham 
2015 Guest Singer for CPSC 15th Anniversary Annual Dinner, Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong
2015 Director of Short film, Hong Kong Organic Waste Recycling Centre, Hong Kong
2015 CosICanTV Roadmanallday Youtube Videos
2016 Finalist in Miss Birmingham 2016. Also crowned as Miss Social Media 2016.
2016 Beauty Shoot by photographer Katie Hook
2016 Fashion Shoot by photographer Laren Tancock
2016 'Addiction' themed Photoshoot by photographer Jasmine King
2016 Director of Little Misses (MAC Theatre Birmingham)
2016 Director of An Adaptation of 4.48 Psychosis (RSC The Other Place, Stratford-upon-avon)
2016 Actress in Augmented  (Proof of Concept SHORT FILM)
2016 Producer and Actress in Our Stories of Hong Kong ( JCCAC - Hong Kong)
2016 Drama Tutor at Acting Antics, Hong Kong (Saturday classes, Shatin Tenaissance College, Hong Kong)
2016 Drama workshop tutor at Hong Kong Taoist Association The Yuen Yuen Institute No.3 Secondary School  (one-off class)

英⽂⾳樂劇《Bugsy Malone》(2010)、《Grease》 (2010)⼂丶《The Mother》(2014); 舞台劇《向左⾏行由遇⾒見愛》(2010)、《榕樹下》(2011)⼂《The Arsonists》(2011); Site Specific Theatre《 Rest》(2015); 獨腳戲《1+(1+1)》(2015)、 《The Blind》(2015); 《我們都是香港人之第四座》(2016)丶 微電影 《隔夜湯》(2016)丶寶麗來Polaroid 太陽眼鏡網上廣告 (2017)丶灣仔劇團《再見榕樹下》(2018) 丶及英國伯明翰 The Repertory Theatre/ 香港數個短劇及歌唱演出 。

彩虹劇社《彩虹小事》副導演 (2017)⼂英國伯明翰大學2017綜藝表演短獨腳戲(2017)⼂伯明翰MAC Theatre 《Little Misses》(2016) ⼂ 英國皇家莎⼠比亞劇院之The Other Place 《An Adaptation of 4.48 Psychosis》(2016) ⼂《Hidden Stories of Stephen Lawrence 》(2013)。

歌手丶網上雜誌撰稿員(NEEHAO, Get Ready Hong Kong)丶演員丶 舞台劇導演丶舞台劇監製丶職業硬照模特兒丶合約戲劇導師(Acting Antics)丶中學戲劇導師丶自由戲劇導師丶⼤學研究⽣學⽣代表